We Empower Brands by Sound

“Music is the divine way of telling beautiful poetic things to the heart”

– Pablo Casals

Audio Identity & Strategy

By converting brand image, purpose, and values into meaningful sound and music experiences, we create coherent, strategic, and emotionally engaging Audio Identities

Music Composition & Production

Our network of specialized musicians, sound designers, and mastering engineers secures that you always get the most qualified resources to create your music

Audio Brand Management

As your Audio Branding Agency, we assist Brand Managers in creating coherent and engaging audio user experience across all brand touchpoints

What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

”Sonic Minds were our partner in creating an audio identity for the Arla Brand. Sonic Minds are sound specialists, and for this medium of marketing, we felt that expertise was essential. They understood our vision and came to an understanding of the deep roots of our brand and company very fast. This was translated into different streams of sound, with one emerging very fast as both distinctive and aligned to our brand heritage and vision. After extensive testing across Europe, we ended up with an innovative audio identity that can become uniquely Arla. We have been very proud to see this roll out across Europe in such a quick time because of the belief our markets had in the process and the work”

Katie Reed, Vice President, Arla Brand Europe


When we break the silence, it has to create more meaning than the silence itself. Otherwise, we’re just creating noise. We strive to create awareness about the value of silence and the power of music and sound design in the pursuit of creating more engaging and relevant audible experiences


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