We are specialized in audio branding, sound logos, product sounds, audio identities, tailor-made music production, speak and sound design. Driven by the power of sound and music, we strengthen brands by creating and implement audio in all relevant brand touch points to create more emotionally engaging communication

“Marketers that don’t understand the power of music will simply be left behind” Mary Dillon, CMO McDonalds


Activating brands creating meaningful and customized Music & Audio experiences on the customer journey

Audio Brand Management

As your Audio Branding Agency we deliver:

  • Audio Branding Strategy
  • Consistent and meaningful customer journey in music and audio
  • Synergy and effective use of music
  • More engaging audio UX
  • Secure DAM platform to handle all audio assets

Audio Identity & Strategy

By converting brand image, purpose and values into meaningful audio and music experiences, we create consistent and emotionally engaging Audio Identities and User Experiences

Voice Over & Telephone Speak

A voice is a strong identifier for who you are and how you are perceived. We deliver voice over, speaks and prompts for:

  • Speak & Telephone prompts
  • Products
  • Films
  • Radio
  • Podcasts

Music Composition, Production & Sound Design

Unique tailor- made music, music Toolboxes and sound design reflecting your brand image and purpose in:

  • Apps
  • Products
  • Films
  • Instore
  • Events
  • Phone systems
  • Podcasts


Since 2004, we have helped brands like Carlsberg Group,  Maersk Line A/S, Nordea, Ørsted, Arla, Doha-Debates, Volvo Car Corporation, MobilePay, Vattenfall, DFDS Seaways, Faxe Kondi, Ferrero Scandinavia, , VELUX Group, Danske Spil, Topdanmark, Danish Crown, FOSS etc., creating more meaningful and engaging audible UX

About Sonic Minds

We believe that music is one of the most potent tools to create, alter, and change our emotional state and makes us feel good. We are all attracted to music, sound designed products, spaces, brands, bands, and communication that sounds good and moves us emotionally. Meaningful sound and good music experiences just make us feel better. We strive to create a more harmonious world with useful, value-adding audible user experiences on all relevant platforms and channels to improves the quality of our lives and make the world a better place.

"The Power of Music is a cliché that have considerable validity" ― (Gabrielsson, 2001)


Sonic Minds ApS

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