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Sonic Minds is an agency, specialized in audio branding, sound design, and music production. Driven by the power of music’s sound and soul, we strengthen brands and products by creating engaging audio experiences in all brand touchpoints.

“Sonic Minds were our partner in creating an audio identity for the Arla Brand. Sonic Minds are sound specialists, and for this medium of marketing, we felt that expertise was essential. They understood our vision and came to an understanding of the deep roots of our brand and company very fast. This was translated into different streams of sound, with one emerging very fast as both distinctive and aligned to our brand heritage and vision. After extensive testing across Europe, we ended up with an innovative audio identity that can become uniquely Arla. We have been very proud to see this roll out across Europe in such a quick time because of the belief our markets had in the process and the work”
Katie Reed Vice President, Arla Brand Europe
“I talked to different vendors in the process but chose Sonic Minds to develop our new audio identity. First of all, because they were agile and understood our needs and our business, we had a right and direct tone going from the beginning, which is vital when you have a tight deadline and many stakeholders. We had a thorough process to find the right direction that fits our company’s purpose. We are pleased with the result, and it is slowly growing globally as a natural part of our identity elements”
Kristine Jakobik Corporate Brand Manager, Carlsberg Group
“We have worked with Sonic Minds when developing our new audio identity. We chose Sonic Minds, as we felt that they really understood our needs and visions for our new audio identity and shared our high ambitions. Sonic Minds converted our visions into mood boards and mood boards into music developed specifically for us. The process was a close collaboration between our team and Karsten from Sonic Minds and went very smoothly. Sonic Minds collaborates with great producers that we got to meet a few times, which was also a great experience. We have ended up with a great and innovative audio identity that really supports our brand. We have been very proud to share it with the organization, and it has been very well received by all colleagues”
Henriette Utke Schiøler Senior Production Manager, Ørsted A/S
“We really appreciate the collaboration with Sonic Minds, who has demonstrated an incredibly professional and competent approach to the task. In particular, Sonic Minds’ ability to coordinate and secure consensus among many different stakeholders must be emphasized, and their ability to understand and interpret Danske Spil’s strategies, values, ​​and products. Last but not least, creating a groundbreaking audio identity for Danske Spil and its many different brands has been incredibly exciting and inspiring together”
Klaus Lohse Marketing Director, Danske Spil A/S
“Telenor chose to work with Sonic Minds for two reasons: First, Sonic Minds was the supplier that best met Telenor’s specific needs connected with IVR consultancy, Prompt speech, Sound logo, and On-Hold Music; They could deliver the entire package. Secondly, Sonic Minds appeared extremely professional and competent throughout the initial dialogue Telenor had with them. The team appeared extremely credible and fit well with Telenor’s company profile. Collaboration on the task was experienced as a good partnership, and we had a very close and ongoing dialogue throughout our course with Sonic Minds. The working process lived up to all our expectations and is very accurate to deadlines. Furthermore, Sonic Minds is flexible about ongoing changes and adjustments in the agreed schedules. There has been good chemistry between our companies throughout the process. The product has lived up to our expectations. We have been delivered exactly what we specified, and in the quality we expected”
Brian Nielsen Project Manager, Telenor Danmark
“In Q8, we chose to collaborate with Sonic Minds on developing audio identity because there was a clearly described process that worked to take into account the many different inputs in relation to the sound profile. Documented cases and broad experience and a professional, competent, and very pleasant team on the task. All in all, Q8 has begun the journey into the universe of sound branding, where the partnership with Sonic Branding will certainly play a significant role in the future. Product-wise, we have p.t. a smaller palette that has been very internally focused on understanding and “buy-in” on Q8’s sound identity. Here launch events in the form of 2 sound stomp workshops played a big role. It was an exciting and engaging way to work the Q8 sound into and has created an experience out of the ordinary. Ringtones in respectively. Pop, rock, and “adventure” variants have also been very important elements and now means that employees have the sound with them in their everyday lives and take ownership. This creates pride in both work and private contexts”
Helle Dahlgren Skov Marketing Director, Kuwait Petroleum A/S

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Since 2004, we have helped our clients strengthen their brand and products with sound and music. Even though Audio branding is one of the newest players in marketing communications, it’s increasingly becoming one of the most valued ones. Music is vital in today’s digital world to take the customer experience to new heights by creating emotions and engaging interaction.

We combine our Danish heritage and knowledge for high-end audio and sound production with our Scandinavian tradition for great quality and design. Together with our global approved partner network of skilled musicians, sound designers, and mastering engineers, we deliver the absolute best solutions to our clients.




When we break the silence, it has to create more meaning than the silence itself. Otherwise, we’re just creating noise. We strive to create awareness about the value of silence and the power of music and sound design in the pursuit of creating more engaging and relevant audible experiences.


Karsten Kjems, Founder – Sonic Minds




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