Doha Debates

Doha Debates

With the evolution of modern information technology and the changes in media habits that have followed, Doha Debates is now re-emerging as a multi-platform media brand, keeping up the conversation in the digital era. Carried out over web, print and more, e-Types is responsible for the complete rebranding of Doha Debates where Sonic Minds in collaboration with E-types developed the Audio Identity for Doha Debates in relation to the creation of this new brand and visual identity.

Doha Debates Brand Film from Sonic Minds on Vimeo.


  • Audible Mnemonic For Doha Debates
  • Sound logo

DOHA_DEBATES_Animated logo from Sonic Minds on Vimeo.

  • Version and adaptions for different video formats.
  • Intro / Outro versions for events, Podcasts, TV-broadcasts YouTube etc.

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