Doha Debates

Doha Debates, eTypes & Sonic Minds

With the evolution of modern information technology and the changes in media habits, Doha Debates re-emerged as a multi-platform media brand, keeping up the conversation on complex global issues in the digital era.

During the relaunching of Doha Debate’s new brand, carried out by the Copenhagen based brand agency, e-Types, we created a complete Audio Identity to supplement their new visuals.



Audio Logo

The Audio Logo was created in different versions and adaptations, making it easier for Doha Debates to integrate it into their different video formats, including intro and outro versions for events, podcasts, and TV-broadcasts for YouTube.



Sound & Music Toolbox

We created an entire Audio Language and Identity that fits Doha Debates’ new visual brand identity. The Doha Debates Sound & Music Toolbox consists of different compositions, all coming from the same core sound elements; the Audio Logo and the full Brand Track.

See and listen more at Doha Debates’ website

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