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Our Team of Vendors & Partners

Composing strategic, emotionally-engaging sound and music for our clients is the heart of everything we do. And our international vendor network is an extension of that. Since the beginning, it has been essential for us to establish relationships with the best-in-class vendors and partners, ranging from specialized musicians, sound designers to mastering engineers and high-end studios.


Sonic Minds’ vendor network is unique and powerful, providing us with the resources to ensure that we always create the best solutions to fit our client’s needs. Each and everyone in the network is part of the team and holds a vital role in the agency’s ability to produce exceptional sound.

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Keen to Join the Team?

We are always looking to expand our network of talented people, so if you are interested in joining the team, don’t hesitate to apply below, providing us with a text of who you are and what you do together with material of your work.

NB: Due to the high amount of requests we get, we will accept vendors in batches.

Vendor Application Guide

  1. Keep it short:
    We get a lot of applications, so naturally we don’t have time to go through your whole portfolio or work history. Show us your best work first and foremost, keep filler to a minimum and remember to try and make it as relevant to our industry as possible. That being said, first and foremost show us your best work. Show us what makes you stand out from the crowd.
  2. Write a good motivation:
    Why do you want to work for Sonic Minds specifically? Tell us a bit about yourself, your history, your skills and why this has led you to apply to our Vendor Network. Remember to show effort when writing your motivation, check your grammar and show us that you care.
  3. Let us know exactly what you did:
    Did you only compose the music? Only designed the sound effects? Only mixed it? Or did you do the whole thing? Have a little text box in the bottom left of your video telling us what you did or a description letting us know. Also, let us know if it’s a redesign or if you were the original audio creator for the project.
  4. Include relevant documents like a CV:
    Your work history tells a lot about you and the skills that you have. Even work that isn’t related to audio can be relevant. For example, did you work in a Kindergarten? Let us know – it shows that you are responsible and can manage stressful situations. Think about what skills might be important for us.
  5. Prepare a reel:
    It’s always a good idea to prepare a reel for us. You need to control the flow that we experience YOUR work in. If you don’t do this, we might end up listening to your worst work first, which isn’t preferable. Remember to keep music and sound design reels separate.

NB: Due to the high amount of requests we get, we will accept vendors in batches.

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Copenhagen based – Global reach

Since 2004, we have helped our clients strengthen their brand and products with sound and music. Even though Audio branding is one of the newest players in marketing communications, it’s increasingly becoming one of the most valued ones. Music is vital in today’s digital world to take the customer experience to new heights by creating emotions and engaging interaction.

We combine our Danish heritage and knowledge for high-end audio and sound production with our Scandinavian tradition for great quality and design. Together with our global approved partner network of skilled musicians, sound designers, and mastering engineers, we deliver the absolute best solutions to our clients.