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Music in advertising refers to music integrated into (mass) electronic media advertisements to enhance its success. Whether it be TV ads or social media ads, music takes the consumer to another place that silence fails to do.  Consequently, marketers need to understand their message and select music that conveys the same or similar message.


Functions of Advertisement Music

Advertisement music can serve several functions with the ultimate goal of reinforcing sales. Some of these functions are listed below. Music improves the sale by reinforcing the brand. The music sets the tone for the audience being reached and sells the experience of what the brand wants to align with.


Emotional Impact and Memory

Music has the ability to evoke a range of emotions, so the music that accompanies commercials can set the tone of what the commercial is trying to convey. Advertisement music can also indirectly influence the viewer’s attitude towards the product being shown, and it resides along with what the brand stands for.

Music in advertising is the most common musical technique for aiding memorability and recall. A theory suggests that the initial sound activates a cohort of possible matches in memory, which is narrowed as the sound or melody progresses.



The entertainment aspect of music helps make an advertisement more appealing by adding aesthetic value to it. An advertisement that has high aesthetic value will be able to capture more attention from the audience. The more engaging a commercial is, the more appealing it will be to the target audience.



Music supports an advertisement’s structure by mediating between disjoint images. Advertisement music can also help to structure the script or aims to tell the narrative itself, as well as enabling the creation of a protagonist and antagonist through harmonies, musical figures, and melodies given to the characters.



Using different musical genres in the advertising world helps advertisers target their preferred audience as music and sound are a significant aspect of what draws the target audience in.

Music can create different moods and sway people of different groups into thinking or feeling in specific ways. The different tempos, time changes, pitches, and content of the music can target anyone or many groups of people the advertiser may be trying to reach.


How to Get Started Using Advertisement Music

It can be difficult to grasp how and where to start if you want to incorporate music in your ads. Here are three important steps:


  1. Start asking why. Why are we using music for this advertisement? What function should it have? What emotional feeling do we want to leave the listener at this stage?
  2. Work with professional audio partners. Find a skilled audio branding company that can help you create and produce your music.
  3. Be sure to have all music rights in place or if you work with a band or buy music, check the total cost of ownership and what it costs to have the musical expression over time.

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