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An audio identity is a brand’s audible expression, translating the brand’s overall message and attributes into audible elements and using them consistently across brand touchpoints. Essentially, an audio identity is like a visual identity but in sound and music. It can consist of an audio logo, music, musical elements, and sound design and is used to create audio coherency, synergy, and recognizability for a brand.

Serial entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk, puts it as simply as this: “Sonic branding is the audio equivalent of a brand’s username”.

Essentially, the Audio Identity entails all the sounds and audio elements a brand can be recognized upon. It can consist of an Audio LogoMusical Elements, and Sound Design used to create audio coherency, synergy, and recognisability for a brand.

The Audio Concept & Strategy is the preliminary step for building your audio identity. Through collaboration, research and workshop, we create an audio strategy including audio concepts which lays the foundation for why, where, and how to use and manage your brand’s sound and music.

Identity Through Sound

Digital branding only entails two out of our five senses: Seeing and Hearing. Most businesses have already nailed down the visuals in their corporate brand identity. Now, it’s time to give audio the strategic attention and effort it deserves.

As consumers, we are exposed to an average of 5000 ads per day, and the number just keeps on increasing. As a result, we have become experts in tuning out the excessive stimulation provided by a saturated media landscape, and our attention span is shrinking by the minute. Consequently, the growing need for businesses to deliver a multi-sensory and meaningful audio experience is not to be missed – so now, let’s talk about sound.

Sound and music add a new dimension to a business’ brand identity and act as a powerful tool to build an emotional connection with consumers at every point of contact.

Businesses can start to build strong brand loyalty, recognition, and recall by adopting a coherent Audio Identity. But for the audible elements to have an impactful effect, it needs to be created and implemented based on insights, research, and strategic choices to best compliment the company’s visual, persona and cultural equity.

With an Audio Identity created in collaboration with Sonic Minds, you get

  • An Audio Strategy & Concept to make sure that the sound activated across channels meets and exceeds your user’s expectations
  • More effective and affective communication and branding
  • Strengthened brand and increased customer engagement
  • Consistent On Brand Multi-Channel audio CX
  • Sound & Music Toolbox to communicate fast, cost-efficient and consistent
  • Reduce or even remove the risk of using copyrighted music illegally


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