McDonald's Jingle

There is no denying the iconic status of McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It.” The fast-food giant became a trendsetter in modern audio branding when they launched their campaign. The jingle debuted in 2003, not as part of a commercial, but rather as a regular pop single performed by Justin Timberlake and written by Pharrell Williams. Since then, the song has been used as a basis for a long line of commercials worldwide and translated into multiple languages.

The jingle eventually helped boost the credibility and likability of the McDonald’s brand and its message by launching the track in a pop music format without connection to the brand before putting the song into a commercial format. A jingle is a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered. They are mostly used in advertising, both radio and television commercials, but can also be used in non-advertising contexts to establish or maintain a brand image. The jingle contains one or more hooks and meaning to promote the product or service being advertised.

Listen to the song by Justin Timberlake here