Synchronization License

A synchronization license is a license that allows a licensee to use a copyrighted musical composition in tandem with a visual medium, such as a film, television show, or video game.
A synchronization license is a license issued by the copyright owner of a particular composition, allowing the licensee to record a version of the composition and to release the recording commercially. A synchronization license must be obtained for each and every composition on an album, even if the composition was written by a band member or you are a co-writer of the composition. You will also need to obtain a “master license” from the owner of the master recording, which is usually the record label. The master recording is a recording that you have made of the composition and that you have the exclusive rights to use. If you plan to use a composition written by another artist, you need to obtain a “sound recording license.” A sound recording license allows you to use a particular sound recording of a composition in your own recording. A sound recording license must be obtained from the record label that controls the particular sound recording you wish to use.