How We Work

Step 1. Audio Strategy & Concept

When creating a coherent audible brand experience, it is vital to make sure that the sound activated across channels meets and exceeds your user’s expectations, reflects your brand image, and is optimized to each brand touchpoint.

The Audio Strategy & Concept is the preliminary step for building your business’ audio landscape. Through research and workshops, and by cooperating with your key brand players, we create an audio strategy which lays the foundation for why, where, and how to use and manage your brand’s sound and music.



  • Analysis and recommendations for audible differentiation in relation to competitors/comparable brands
  • Overview of utilized and unutilized audible touchpoints and recommendations for how to use sound and music to strengthening brand and UX
  • The overall concept for the development of the music expression that supports brand strategy and tonality in all aspects
  • Compositional concept and sketches containing a range of essential reflections and suggestions for the audible embodiment of the brand
  • Perspectives and recommendations for aligned audio strategic activities
  • A selection of audible referential material to suggest best practice application and illustrate future potential expressional modes in relation to the unfolding of the audible potential of the brand

Step 2. Audio Production

Together with our vendor network of musicians, sound designers, mastering engineers and high-end studios, we produce the audio assets needed to build your Audio Identity. These will then be handed over to you through the Sound & Music Toolbox.


The Sound & Music Toolbox

The Sound & Music Toolbox consists of custom-made music or sound pieces, delivered in flexible elements, adapted to your brand touchpoints and communication needs: All of which are created to match your brand’s desired expression and appearance based on the concept and strategy.

The Toolbox can get extended with new music pieces and elements as the need grows, and so, it offers you a framework to build a sustainable archive of audible brand assets with time.


The Sound & Music Toolbox gets you:

  • Flexible, custom-made music reflecting your brand image
  • Easy and quick use of on-brand music
  • Consistency across media and brand touchpoints
  • Synergy and cost-effective use of music

Step 3. Audio Implementation & Management

In the final step, the Audio Brand Management phase sets in, where we will assist you in implementing your new audible assets. We do this with this with a little bit of help from the Audio Brand Platform.


The Audio Brand Platform

The Audio Brand Platform is an online, secure, cloud-based solution, that lets you store the Sound & Music Toolbox, audio guidelines and other brand elements all in one place.

This allows you to implement and use the audio assets smoothly and flexibly across the whole organization when implementing the audible assets to all brand touchpoints.


The platform features:

  • Management of all audio and music assets, as well as all other brand assets like films, TVC, radio spots, pictures, etc.
  • Delivery and storage of the Sound & Music Toolbox
  • Guidelines for easy use and implementation of the audio elements
  • Easy access for brand managers, content creators, partners, and agencies
  • Online approval handling and comments for changes
  • Support and collaboration platform with clients and partners