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Working with sound in the energy sector

The energy sector is currently experiencing an extensive change unlike any other industry. With a global focus on sustainable energy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, there is now one common mantra that everyones agrees on; “green is the new black”.


We help brands in the energy sector to express their philosophy and their vision, through a fitting audio identity that can be applied to internal or external informational videos, tv- or web ads, podcasts etc.

Typically, audio identities within this sector relies on a modern, technologic, serious and ambitious sound, in order to express a willingness to change the future for the better.

We have worked with Sonic Minds when developing our new audio identity. We chose Sonic Minds, as we felt that they really understood our needs and visions for our new audio identity and shared our high ambitions. Sonic Minds converted our visions into mood boards and mood boards into music developed specifically for us. The process was a close collaboration between our team and Karsten from Sonic Minds and went very smoothly. Sonic Minds collaborates with great producers that we got to meet a few times, which was also a great experience. We have ended up with a great and innovative audio identity that really supports our brand. We have been very proud to share it with the organization, and it has been very well received by all colleagues.
Henriette Utke Schiøler Senior Production Manager, Ørsted A/S

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