How we work in the food, beverage & FMCG sector

Working with sound in the food, beverage & FMCG sector

The current focus of the Food, Beverage & FMCG sector is on green and sustainable environmental solutions. There is a rise of plant- and cell-based alternatives to animal-based products, while eco-friendly materials are being opted in favor of non-sustainable materials like plastic. Furthermore, the sector is experiencing an increasing dependency on technology and automation, enabling efficient and easily accessible consumption.


Whether it’s through music to informational podcasts, a distinct logo for online commercials, TV- and radio ads, or efficient user sounds to apps, we help brands within the Food, Beverage & FMCG industry to create a cohesive aural identity, making them stand out and enabling them to communicate their brand personality, and their goals.

Historically, Food and Beverage was the most prevalent industry in sonic branding, relying heavily on jingles and catchy sound logos – just think McDonalds. Traditionally, the primary advertising focus of this sector has been on short TV spots and radio ads, which is why short, catchy and melodic logos have been proven to work.

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