Need an Audio Brand Audit?

What is an Audio Brand Audit?

An Audio Brand Audit is a complete investigation of your brand marketing efforts relating to audio, including everything consumers hear along your customer journey compared to competitors.

Through an analysis of your audio touchpoints across your communication platforms, we will diagnose your audio universe as it exists today and guide you through the process of assessing to what extent these touchpoints deliver a coherent and valuable aural experience.

The goal is to produce a report that depicts your brand’s current position in the broader market and find where there remains room for audible improvement.

There are two key parts of a Audio brand audit exercise:

  • Auditing your own brand
  • Auditing your competitors’ brands

This full exercise helps us analyze your brand objectively—and spot opportunities to differentiate by analyzing your competitors’ brands as well.

Should we listen to your brand?

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Why do you need it?

Audio is a precious intangible brand asset. Just think of the value for brands where consumers have instant brand recognition in sound (McDonald’s, Intel, Netflix). Only in sound. So there is no doubt that top-performing brands acknowledge how much an audio logo and strategic sound design and music add to the overall brand equity and strengthen brand communication.

In today’s branding, it is impossible not to use sound. So, it is not a question about why you use sound and music, but merely how you want to use sound and music to strengthen the brand? And ambitions in terms of what brand equity you want your audio landscape to create.

The purpose of our Audio Brans Audit is to describe your brands’ current situation and uncover opportunities for strategic use of sound and music to create brand equity, and strengthen communication, brand recognition with engaging UX, and more effective and congruent branding and communication.

58 % Find products with premium UX sounds more trustworthy, and has more personality
Verotonix Earcons 2021 research
Brands that use music that is aligned with the brand identity are 96 % more likely to be remembered by the consumer, than the brands that use ‘unfit’ music or no music at all
Leicester University (2008)
Congruent sound and video enhance the emotional impact of visual communication by  1207 %
Charles Spence Oxford University (2006)

Apply for your audio brand audit and get insights regarding:

  • How your brand sounds today
  • How your customer journey is experienced in sound and music
  • How your sound and music are used across brand touchpoints
  • How audio strengthen the experience of a brand
  • How your competitors sound 

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