Audio Brand Management

Audio Brand Management is making sure that the sound is utilised correctly. We will assist you in implementing and managing your new audible assets.

An audio identity is only as strong as its implementation

Implementing and managing your audio assets

Audio branding continues to gather steam as an essential marketing and communication element because, in a digital world, you can only communicate to eyes and ears; hence it is vital to create an engaging audio user experience for your brand. But just like a visual identity, an Audio Identity is only creating brand value if it is easily accessible, implemented, and used consistently across all brand touchpoints.

Coherence and Recall

When creating a coherent audible brand experience, it is key to make sure that the sound, whether it is an Audio Logo, Music Composition, or Sound Design, are activated across channels and meets and exceeds user expectations. It should be optimized for each touchpoint to align with the desired perception of the brand.

Consequently, it is crucial for brand users, collaboration partners, and creators of content to have easy access to all audio assets and guidelines, to make sure that they know why, how, and where to use the different audio assets. We ensure this via a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform, including guidelines for support, management, and collaboration.

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We assist your Brand Managers in managing all your new audio assets and creating consistent audio UX across all brand touchpoints. Our team delivers ongoing consultancy to make sure that all of your audio elements are being used accordingly to strengthen the brand.

We assist in creating new content from the Sound & Music Toolbox, to help make sure that you have the best possible auditory storytelling for your specific needs. If needed, we can also expand the Toolbox with more elements, making it fit more situations and types of branding.

Whatever your needs are, we will assist you in managing your new audio identity, making it as strong as possible from the get-go, through effective implementation and activation. Watch our video where we discuss common challenges and difficulties that clients often bring to us. You may be able to identify your current situation in one of them.

Implementation Advisory

We offer strategic guidance for the effective use of audio assets, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand identity across various media.

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The Audio Brand Platform

The Audio Brand Platform is a framework based on audit and insights, that describes the strategic and creative framework for how a business’ audio identity is applied and managed. The platform lays the foundation for why, where, and how the given company can use sound and music to enhance the value of its overall identity.

The Audio Brand Platform


Audio branding success can be assessed through audio testing surveys and focus groups, offering insights into its strengths and weaknesses. Our approach combines proven processes with testing to ensure data-driven decisions. This approach maintains alignment with brand values and allows for quantitative testing across diverse markets and segments. After establishing an Audio Strategy & Concept, we create testable concepts that explore different aspects of your brand’s audio identity.

Audio Testing

Music Curation

Effective utilization of stock music for brand enhancement hinges on thorough evaluation and strategic implementation. Following the establishment of a clear strategy for incorporating stock music into your brand identity, we curate testable selections that explore various dimensions of your brand’s sonic landscape.

Utilizing Stock Music Correctly


Our trademarking service in audio branding is designed to protect the unique sound elements that define your brand. Much like trademarking logos and names, we help you register your auditory assets, such as jingles, slogans, and product sounds, for legal protection. In an era where sound is pivotal in brand recognition, our service is essential for preserving your auditory brand in the world of marketing and advertising.

Trademarking Your Audio Identity

The Digital Asset Management Platform (DAM)

The Digital Asset Management Platform is an online, secure, cloud-based solution that lets you store the Sound & Music Toolbox, audio guidelines, and other brand elements all in one place. This allows you to implement and use the audio assets smoothly and flexibly across the whole organization when implementing the audible assets to all brand touchpoints.

The Digital Asset Management Platform

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