Audio Brand Management

Implementing and managing the audio assets

Audio branding continues to gather steam as an essential marketing and communication element platform because, in a digital world, you can only communicate to eyes and ears; hence it is vital to create an engaging audio user experience for your brand. But just like a visual identity, an Audio Identity is only creating brand value if it is easily accessible, implemented, and used consistently across all brand touchpoints.


When creating a coherent audible brand experience, it is key to make sure that the sound, whether it is Music Composition, an Audio Logo, Sound Design, or the whole bunch, are activated across channels and meets and exceeds user expectations. It should be optimized to each touchpoint to align with the desired perception of the brand.


Consequently, it is crucial for brand users, collaboration partners, and creators of content to have easy access to all audio assets and guidelines, to make sure that they know why, how, and where to use the different audio assets. We ensure this via a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Platform, including guidelines for support, management, and collaboration.


We got you

We assist your Brand Managers in managing all your new audio assets and creating consistent audio UX across all brand touchpoints. Our team deliver on-going consultancy to make sure that all of your audio elements are being used accordingly to strengthen the brand.

The Audio Brand Platform

We deliver an online secure platform for the creation, development process, management, and implementation. This will allow you to implement and use your audio assets smoothly and flexibly when going forward with your new audio branding elements.

The Audio Brand Platform features

  • Management of all audio and music assets, as well as all other brand assets like films, TVC, radio spots, pictures, etc.
  • Delivery and storage of the Sound & Music Toolbox
  • Guidelines for easy use and implementation of the audio elements
  • Easy access for brand managers, content creators, partners, and agencies
  • Online approval handling and comments for changes
  • Support and collaboration platform with clients and partners

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