Digital Asset Management Platform

The Digital Asset Management Platform delivered by Sonic Minds is a secure online platform handed over to the client when the first draft of the audible elements is ready.

The platform includes different features such as the storage of the company’s Sound & Music Toolbox, guidelines describing the use and implementation of audio elements, online approval handling, and comments for changes between the client, Sonic Minds, and partners.

The Audio Brand Platform allows you to implement and use the audio assets smoothly and flexibly across the whole organization when implementing the audible assets to all brand touchpoints.

The platform features:

  • Management of all audio and music assets, as well as all other brand assets like films, TVC, radio spots, pictures, etc.
  • Delivery and storage of the Sound & Music Toolbox
  • Guidelines for easy use and implementation of the audio elements
  • Easy access for brand managers, content creators, partners, and agencies
  • Online approval handling and comments for changes
  • Support and collaboration platform with clients and partners

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