Audio Identity & Strategy

An audio identity is the audible expression of the brand and an essential brand element in today’s branding and communication. We have a unique process and online development tool to convert brand image, vision, and values into meaningful audio and music experiences.

Our solutions are founded on a strategic framework, securing consistent, brand empowering, and emotionally engaging audible user experiences across all brand touchpoints.

An Audio Identity from Sonic Minds consists of the following elements:

Audio Brand Platform: A framework, based on audit and insights, that describes the strategic and creative framework within which the Audio Identity is applied and managed.

Music and Audio Toolbox– All your audio assets needed in your audio identity: Sound logo, different music pieces, interactions- and notification sounds and scalable music themes, delivered in different formats, styles, and expressions for easy and agile implementation.

Online Audio Guidelines – Your own secure online audio brand management platform, where all guidelines and audio assets are stored and shared for easy use and implementation.


With an Audio Identity you get: 

  • More cost-efficient audio communication and branding (5-35 % cost saving)
  • Strengthened brand and Increased customer engagement
  • Consistent On Brand Multi-Channel audio CX
  • Music Toolbox to communicate fast, cost-efficient and consistent
  • Reduce or even remove the risk of using copyrighted music illegally

Our network of specialized musicians, sound designers, mastering engineers, high-end studios secures that you always get the best-qualified resources for your solution.


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