The Audio Brand Platform

The Best Strategy Starts With Asking Where & How Your Brand Should Use Sound 

When creating a coherent audible brand experience, it is vital to make sure that the sound activated across channels meets and exceeds your user’s expectations, reflects your brand image, and is optimized to each brand touchpoint.

The Audio Brand Platform is the preliminary step for building your business’ Audio Identity.

What is an Audio Brand Platform?

The Audio Brand Platform is a framework, based on audit and insights, that describes the strategic and creative framework for how your business’ Audio Identity is applied and managed. The platform lays the foundation for why, where, and how to use and manage sound and music.


We collect all the information needed to create your Audio Brand Platform through research, workshops, and discussion. Based on the discoveries, we make the essential audible elements and music required to build your Audio Identity.

The Audio Brand Platform features

  • Analysis and recommendations for audible differentiation concerning competitors/comparable brands
  • Overview of utilized and unutilized audible touchpoints and suggestions for how to use sound and music to strengthening brand and UX
  • The overall concept for the development of the music expression that supports brand strategy and tonality in all aspects
  • Compositional idea and sketches containing a range of essential reflections and suggestions for the audible embodiment of the brand
  • Perspectives and recommendations for aligned audio strategic activities based on goals and KPIs
  • A selection of audible referential material to suggest best practice application and illustrate future potential expressional modes to the unfolding of the brand’s audible potential

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