The Sound & Music Toolbox

Maximum Utilization and Flexibility of All Audio Assets

When we have composed and designed your audible assets, either a whole Audio Identity or maybe just an Audio Logo or Sound Design, we will hand over your very own Sound & Music Toolbox.


The toolbox consists of custom-made music or sound pieces, delivered in flexible elements, adapted to your brand touchpoints and communication needs: All of which are created to match your brand’s desired expression and appearance based on the Audio Brand Platform.


The Toolbox can get extended with new music pieces and elements as the need grows, and so, it offers you a framework to build a sustainable archive of audible brand assets with time.

Advantages of the Sound & Music Toolbox from Sonic Minds

  • Flexible, custom-made music reflecting your brand image
  • Enables easy and quick use of on-brand music
  • Consistency across media and brand touchpoints
  • Synergy and cost-effective use of music
  • Easy to expand over time with more musical expressions
  • Activating Brand & strengthen the UX in sound and music

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