Music Composition & Production

The power of custom-made music

Studies show that brand engagement, recognition, and likeability is far more potent when music is used meaningfully and wisely. To be more specific: Businesses with music that fits their brand identity are 96% more likely to be recalled than those with unfitting music or no music at all.

Why? Because music is one of the most potent tools to create, alter, and change our emotional state. It affects our moods, feelings, behavior, and pulse, making us feel calm, sad, scared, or happy and uplifted. However, most sounds that surround us today are random – sometimes even unpleasant.

For that reason, audio branding is not a question of adding more sound, but instead, it’s all about using the right sound and music at the right time and place. Otherwise, it’s just noise.

Knowing this and knowing that most of our decisions are made unconsciously, audio branding can play an essential role in creating effective and meaningful brand communication when created, produced, and implemented wisely.

The iterative process of creating the music 

Refined over the years, Sonic Minds have a proven process to find your unique audio DNA. With the Audio Concept & Strategy, we design and ennoble the music to match and fit your brand, values, and customer touchpoints to create an engaging user journey. The audible elements are always created in an iterative process together with the client brand team. We ensure that the music contains unique, recognizable audible anchor points (melody, tonality, or sound) to create a coherent audible expression and potential recognizability for the audience.

With our network of specialized musicians, composers, sound designers, mastering engineers, and high-end studios, we secure that you always get the most qualified resources to create your custom-made solution.

In the Sound & Music Toolbox, we store your music together with other audio assets which enable easy and quick use of your whole Audio Landscape, creating consistency across media and brand touchpoints. The Toolbox can get extended with new music pieces and elements as the need grows, and so, it offers you a framework to build a sustainable archive of audible brand assets centered around your Audio Identity.

Why all the fuss with custom-made music? 

Today, many companies use either royalty free or stock music when audio is needed for branding, products, or other customer touchpoints. Even though stock music libraries can offer solid music options and be an easy and cheap solution for a project or general branding, you don’t own the music. It is like building a house on rented soil.

By creating and producing custom-made music and sounds for your business, you can obtain multiple advantages that can prove valuable in the long run.

  • By using custom-made music, you ensure that the audio fits the mood and tone of both your visuals and your brand
  • When you have music created to suit the brand, your marketing efforts will have a more significant impact and resonate with your audience
  • Custom-made audible assets set you apart from your competitors, making sure that you don’t sound like any other businesses on the market
  • You ensure coherence across media and brand touchpoints that can be adapted to the specific medium in terms of length, quality, and tone
  • Licensing for others’ music can be costly in the long run, and you may risk losing it at one point. Consequently, you lose the sound that your customers associate with your brand, forcing you to start all over again with your audio identity


Working with Ørsted: Joining the road towards sustainable energy

Over the last decade, the Danish energy company, Ørsted, has undergone a remarkable transformation from having the most fossil fuel-intensive utilities in Europe to being the most sustainable energy company globally.

With this transformation, they needed a completely new brand identity that would reflect their visions and values. One crucial part of this change was sound and music. Sonic Minds have taken part in their new green journey by creating and composing music brand identity tracks that Ørsted’s uses for various videos.

Interested in finding out how the world’s most sustainable energy company sounds like?

Listen to Ørsted here



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