Music Composition & Production

Sound and music affect us in 3 ways:

The way we feel, the way we think and the way we act.

Knowing this and knowing that most of our decisions are made unconsciously, audio branding can play an essential role in creating meaningful, affective and effective brand communication.

We activate brands by creating Unique tailor-made music, music Toolboxes and sound design reflecting your brand image and purpose in:

  • Apps
  • Products
  • Films
  • Instore
  • Events
  • Phone systems
  • Podcasts

A study conducted by professors Dr. Adrian North and Dr. David Hargreaves reports that brands with music that fits their brand identity are 96 percent more likely to be recalled than those with non-fitting music or no music at all.

Numerous academic studies show that brand engagement, recognition, and likeability is far stronger when audio, sound design, and music is used meaningfully and wisely.
That is why music and sound are becoming a vital part of the brand and product experience.

Audio branding continues to gather steam as an essential marketing and communication element platform because, in a digital world, you can only communicate to eyes and ears; hence it is vital to create an engaging audio CX of your brand.

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