Sound Design for Apps & Products

Let the Product Speak for Itself  

Today, we hear brands more and more by the minute. The emergence of voice and sound driven apps, smart speakers, voice assistants, and digital service interfaces forces audio marketing in new directions to reach consumers at all brand touchpoints.

Why? Sound design is crucial for the perception of the quality of a product and user experience. The user journey often starts on an app, where brands forget to capitalize on the audio landscape with sound. If the app sounds cheap or poor, it is perceived as such. The same goes for sound in products.

The sound’s materiality, texture, and design should represent the product function and the brand’s quality.

Good sound design can

Enhance the UX with tactile and audio sensations

Create recognition over time with the right use of audio logo notification sound and stand out in public

Invisible communication and notification with relevant sounds


But Why Custom-Made Sound Design?  

By letting us help you create and produce custom-made Sound Design for your apps and products, numerous advantages can be gained.


  • A shared identity through all sounds in your app or products
  • Custom-made sounds to suit the product or app’s specific needs
  • Sound Design matching the visual design of your graphical user interface or products
  • Technological knowledge about digital audio, acoustics, psychoacoustics, etc.
  • Choosing which sounds should be subtle and which should stand out
  • Helping you determine when sound makes sense


Through the Audio Brand Platform and our proven Tree of Three iterative processes, we create the Sound Design to match and fit your apps and products that align with your overall brand and values.

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