Aaron Graham

Unveiling skills

Aaron Graham hails from London, UK and boasts an impressive portfolio as a musician, composer and sound designer. His music is textured and detailed, comprising of a blend of field recordings and generatively synthesized sounds to create a modern and infectious style.

With over 15 years of experience as a performing artist, he has collaborated with notable names like Banfi, Jake Bugg, Nina Nesbitt and Nizlopi. Later on, he ventured into a predominantly sound design based role, showcasing his versatility. Aaron has worked with major brands like Made, Braun, Guinness, KFC and GQ. He has also collaborated with digital artists such as Vincent Schwenk, Drake Smith, ilithya and Carl Herner and creative filmmakers like Jake Dypka and Lucy Bridger.

Aaron’s main objective is to produce moving and emotive sound content that grabs listeners’ attention with its intricacies and nuances. He enjoys working on projects that encourage expression and produce interesting and expressive material. His passion lies in creating unique and identifiable soundscapes that match clients’ creative vision.

He believes that collaborative projects are an excellent way to expand one’s own vision and others’. He finds this approach to be rewarding both for the client and himself. When working with a group of creatives, Aaron values detailed and honest feedback as a great way to build a creative bond and vision. He enjoys a communicative process that facilitates this.


Collaborative projects are a wonderful way to expand your own vision as well as others and I find this to be an incredibly rewarding way to approach branding and composing both for the client and for myself.
Aaron Graham Musician, Sound Designer & Composer

Progressive synthesis

Aaron’s experimental approach involves creating sounds through the use of organic and acoustic material, coupled with progressive synthesis and digital manipulation. This unique approach is evident in his work and has garnered much attention. His goal for this year is to continue developing his work with visual artists and build more relationships with new and exciting clients.

Aaron’s love for freedom of expression is evident in his approach to designing organic and engaging content. His creativity knows no bounds, and he is open to approaching projects from any angle.

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