Adam Blinkenberg

Creative Expression

Adam has dedicated his life to music. He immerses himself in various aspects of the field, such as commercial composition, sound design, teaching, and performing as an independent artist. His passion for music was kindled as a young child, singing songs and recording them on a toy tape recorder hidden beneath the dinner table.

However, it was not until his teenage years when he began playing the guitar and writing and producing his own music that his passion truly took off. This prompted him to pursue a degree in musicology at university. For Adam, the most important aspect of working with music and sound is the creation process. He finds it extraordinary to create something new and convey a set of emotions through his work.

Listen to a sample of Adam’s work on the game Fates below.

Musical Authenticity and Emotional Connection

Adam is particularly drawn to projects where he can evoke specific emotions or vibes through music. He loves to think about which sounds can convey certain thoughts and associations, and his approach to composition is somewhat retro, with a focus on analog and vintage techniques. As a multi-instrumentalist, he strives to add a human touch and feeling to his music, believing that it is crucial to counteract the increasingly digital and automated world.

Adam enjoys comprehensive projects that allow him to create a coherent sonic identity or aural universe rather than just a short track or jingle. One such project that he relished was creating music for the game ‘Fates,’ which required him to think about how the compositions would fit into the vast and encompassing universe with its many aural landscapes.

As a songwriter, Adam adopts a melodic approach to his compositions, always aiming to make them memorable rather than generic. He is keen to challenge himself and step outside his comfort zone to trust his intuition and discover new approaches. This year, he hopes to undertake more exciting composition projects, as well as furthering his artistic project, The Colour, by playing more live shows and releasing new music.

The more digitized and automated the world gets, the more crucial I think it is to be able to add that human touch and feeling to the music, as that is what music is all about – feeling.
Adam Blinkenberg Musician & Sound Designer

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