Amy Balcomb

Crafting Atmospheres

Her early foray into composing, ignited at the tender age of 5, laid the foundation for her eventual professional pursuit in the realm of music creation. Immersed in the emotive tapestries of film soundtracks, Amy found herself captivated by the power of music to evoke deep-seated emotions and tell compelling stories. Analyzing the intricate arrangements of cinematic scores, she harbored a fervent desire to craft sweeping compositions that could seamlessly accompany visual narratives.

Amy’s creative repertoire spans a diverse spectrum of projects, ranging from films and adverts to TV shows and corporate identities. She finds joy in sculpting atmospheres, whether it’s crafting tension-laden soundscapes for psychological thrillers or infusing whimsical charm into lighthearted ventures. With a penchant for crime dramas and a flair for horror underscores, Amy’s musical prowess knows no bounds.

” (…) whether the visuals are obvious or implied, I’m always down for creating twisted underscores. I’m always eager to see how my music can enhance the vision of others.”
Amy Balcomb Composer

Charting New Horizons

Describing her style as a fusion of classical tradition and contemporary sensibilities, Amy brings to the table a rich tapestry of structured compositions, compelling hooks, and harmonious foundations. Her unique approach, rooted in classical training yet enriched by modern influences, sets her apart in the competitive landscape of composition.

Looking ahead, Amy sets her sights on new horizons. Her aspirations for the year include delving into the realm of game composition, as well as securing a coveted spot in Netflix’s prestigious lineup. However, beyond individual achievements, Amy’s overarching goal is to foster collaboration and demonstrate her ability to thrive as a valued team player in the dynamic world of audio storytelling.


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