Anton Sherar

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Anton Sherar is a music producer and sound designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His passion for sound began at the age of 16 when he acquired the Maschine, a sampler/drum machine, to create hip-hop beats. This led him to regularly producing beats and connecting with fellow beatmakers worldwide. While his love for hip-hop remains strong, Anton’s musical interests have expanded over time, driving him to explore other genres and experiment with electronic-based compositions. This led to the formation of a pop group called RAVN, where he collaborated with singer Laura, playing live shows and releasing an EP.

Alongside his musical endeavors, he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in sound design at Sonic College, which exposed him to various aspects of audio production. He eventually started working as a sound designer and composer at Invisible Walls on the game First Class Trouble.

As of now, Anton’s journey has led him to this point, where he continues to thrive in his chosen path as an Audio Branding Consultant while indulging in his passion for music and sound.

A Positive Force

Anton’s drive to constantly improve himself fuels his passion for projects that push the boundaries of creativity. He thrives on the thrill of tackling unique challenges that require him to think outside the box. Anton constantly seeks fresh ideas and approaches, never wanting to create the same thing twice. He finds great joy in the diverse ways sound can be utilized to communicate, whether it’s for a brand, a product, or the immersive world of a video game.

One of Anton’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to collaborate effectively. He flourishes in creative environments where ideas are freely exchanged, and discussions are rich with innovation. He revels in the dynamic interplay of brainstorming sessions, where concepts take shape through the collective efforts of a team. Anton brings his unique perspective to the table, consistently offering valuable insights and creative solutions. His collaborative nature allows him to harmonize with others, working seamlessly to translate sound into meaningful moments.

Positive energy radiates from Anton, illuminating every project he undertakes. This optimistic outlook serves as his greatest asset, enabling him to navigate even the most challenging obstacles with a can-do attitude. No matter how daunting a task may seem, Anton approaches it with unwavering optimism and an open mind.

“Life is too short so why not make the most of it”
Anton Sherar Audio Branding Consultant