Ben Shirken

Ben Shirken, also known as Beshken & Ex Wiish, is an artist of many monikers. He is the co-founder of New York based sound performance series 29 Speedway, 5950.exp co-founder, member and producer of Nu Jazz (a free-jazz ensemble with Deli aGirls).

Having graduated from the NYU Clive Davis Institute of Record Music in 2019, Ben is often found playing live modular synths, recording local bands, mixing & sound designing various projects whilst finding time to compose electronic music. Working with artists in the DIY scene and beyond, Ben is interested in the fringes between styles, working across multiple genres including but not limited to experimental, jazz, hardcore, pop, and r&b. His solo work has brought him to tour nationally and in Europe, and additionally he has established himself as a DJ, spinning often in Brooklyn and online at The Lot Radio, Dublab, and NTS.

Work with Sonic Minds