Christian Gramaglia

Taking a chance

Christian Gramaglia started his career as an assistant film maker in Milan, where he discovered his love for building shots and creating moods through the use of lights and colors. One day, the agency he was working for needed a soundtrack for a commercial for a major fashion house, and despite never having done something like this before, Christian jumped at the opportunity. The end result was something mind-blowing, both for Christian and the agency.

It was at that moment that he realized that his newfound passion could also be a job.

Having been a musician since he was a child, Christian knew that working with sound on images would become his calling. Today, he has given up film making and dived headfirst into the audio side for moving images. His favorite projects to work on are the dark and moody shoots for fashion or sports brands, where the sound design tells a story rather than just describes the images on screen.

Christian also loves working on product design videos, where the 3D product moves in almost unreal spaces, allowing him to indulge in sound design to its fullest potential.

Christian believes that sound lives in the details, in the slow-motion moments, and the macro shots, where we can imagine sounds that we would never hear in reality. His style is a hybrid of modern and traditional, where he mixes sound design and music in one context, using both traditional instruments and unconventional sounds.

For Christian, the best projects are those with a naturalistic hint, where the electronic and foley mix can take the audio part to a whole new level. His goal for this year is to broaden his audio-visual touch to discover new ways of communicating through audio for images, and to expand his portfolio with many quality works. Some of the brands Christian has worked with include Valentino, Prada, Inter FC, Santini, Persol, Rayban, Ferrari, and Diadora.

Christian’s passion for audio and his attention to detail have made him an excellent audio-visual artist, and his love for storytelling through sound design and music is what sets him apart.

In my opinion, sound lives in the details, the slow-motion moments, the macro shots, where we can imagine sounds that we would never hear to with our ears in reality. The same goes for the music, which should not just accompany you in watching the images, (…) it should accentuate your emotions as if you were experiencing what is on the screen.
Christian Gramaglia Producer

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