Dave Reynaud

Music in the genes

As a three year old Dave was transfixed by the soundtracks of his favorite kids shows and movies, playing melodies from them on his vintage Casio keyboard and humming them for weeks afterwards. From there his interest blossomed and grew through taking up music at school and delving into music theory and history. He developed an appreciation for how sound can have such a powerful emotional effect, evoking moods and creating vivid stories. His time spent improvising on the piano developed his ability to create and compose his own music and sounds and inspired him to continue with a career in music and sound art.

Working with the sonic frontrunners

Dave has many years worth of experience with music and sound within the fields of marketing and advertising. These fields are often heavily influenced by global cultures and brands, which allows him to diversify and build, combine and fragment ideas in any style and genre. Dave’s style is driven by influences from contextual relationships and associations that brands have with the outside world, their surroundings, their histories and their values. This proves critical when he is exploring and discovering unique ways to conjure sound and extract the meanings from the use of the sounds.

He has produced sounds and music for major brands like Lenovo, Samsung, Bentley, and McDonald’s. Lately, we have been working together on Orca Security’s audio logo and music for the podcast series.

For the Orca case we had to work with spatial and Binaural elements and mixing techniques, and channel the deep underwater world.


“I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with clients, directors, and producers, including some of the world’s leading brands and broadcasters, in creating tension for trailers, adding depth to dramas, and finding the perfect ping for all kinds of logos. Through the power of sound and music, I’ve helped bring creative visions to life for all forms of media including sonic idents, trails, podcasts, TV shows, documentaries, film, and games and mobile applications.”
Dave Reynaud Sound Composer

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