Elvis Suljevic

Experimenting with Music

Elvis has recently worked on the soundtrack for the upcoming SF and Netflix movie ‘Forever’.

Elvis began producing music because of his love for it. He learned how to be versatile and genre-fluid by always searching for new inspirations and sound directions. During the production of ‘Forver’ Elvis had the chance to be creative and experimental, as is his preferred style, with strings, chopped up vocals, drums, pianos and other organic sounds. He was given the freedom to create a melancholic yet pulsating soundscape that reinforced the main characters’ friendship and love for football.

Together with Sonic Minds, Elvis has worked on multiple brands, including Beryllium, Femilet, Masai, Ørsted and 365discount.

Be unique

Elvis’ music is always distinctively cinematic, capturing beautiful moments. His distinctive sound is a mesmerizing blend of electronic-oriented beats, mixed with a range of R&B/soul, hip-hop, and indie-pop influences. Despite this, his style is constantly evolving, as he likes to experiment with different genres and sounds.

I started producing because I’ve always loved music. Over time, I gained versatility by working in various music fields such as music production, music composition for films and commercials, commercial audio, audio editing, podcast editing and mixing & mastering.
Elvis Suljevic Sound Composer

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