Jorge Ramirez-Escudero


Thinking outside of the box

Jorge Ramirez-Escudero hails from Madrid, Spain and is an accomplished composer and sound designer. From a very young age, he found himself drawn towards music and eventually began taking piano lessons when he was just five years old. Since then, music has become an integral part of his life, permeating everything he does, be it learning new instruments, performing in bands, or recording himself and others. He was always surrounded by people for whom music was the main source of bonding, and this environment played a pivotal role in his eventual choice of profession.

As he grew older, he realized that music was not just a passion, but a means of keeping himself sane. His desire to pursue music as a career grew stronger with each passing day. He found himself gravitating towards projects that challenged him and pushed him out of his comfort zone. It was easy to rely on mental habits and muscle memory, but he was always keen to explore uncharted territories in order to grow and evolve as an artist.

I really love working on projects that require thinking out of the box or take me out of my comfort zone. I love working on projects that require unique, unheard-of combination of instrumentation or rhythms or sounds or approaches.
Jorge Ramirez-Escudero Musician & Producer

What sets him apart is his love for working on unconventional and offbeat projects. He relishes working on music that defies commercial viability, with its unique combination of instrumentation, rhythms, sounds, and approaches. He is always looking for opportunities to create colourful tapestries of sound, filled with unique arrangements and a solid backbeat.

One of his dreams is to create more motion picture soundtracks. The idea of bringing his unique perspective to visual storytelling and enhancing the overall viewing experience for audiences is what drives him forward. And of course, he is driven by the need to continue working to provide for his family.

Music is not just his passion, it’s his life’s work. And he intends to keep working hard and honing his craft for as long as he can.