Joseph Price

Motivated through experimentation

Joseph Price, a London-based artist and composer, was introduced to the world of music at a young age with training on the piano, clarinet, and guitar. However, it wasn’t until he discovered the music production software Fruity Loops on his brother’s laptop that he realized his passion for electronic production. The ability to create entire tracks, orchestral pieces, and songs all by himself became an addiction that propelled him towards success.

Joseph’s journey has been filled with experiences of touring as an artist and live act, composing for TV and film, and collaborating with various brands such as Mercedes, Adidas, Jimmy Choo, and others. He has always been interested in the intricacies and space within sound, leading him to create his own custom modular synthesizer. This experimental approach keeps him motivated and inspired as he develops a harmonious conversation between man and machine.

“Melody is a great way to make a branded piece memorable and relatable – however I think the new meta is in developing unique sounds and textures to either support the melodic content or even be the focus of it. “

Pushing the boundaries of sound

Joseph enjoys working with other artists in the music and motion fields to align visions and produce synergistic products. Recently, Joseph has been working with Sonic Minds on audio logo pieces and is thrilled with the collaborative efforts of the team. His interest in granular sounds has inspired him to push the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music while still creating a pleasurable and musical experience for the listener. He aspires to develop his style further and define his sound while working on more music-to-picture projects, particularly longer-form pieces. Overall, Joseph is an artist who is continuously motivated to explore new techniques and push his boundaries.


I try to push the boundaries of what’s possible in electronic music, while still maintaining a musical and pleasurable experience for the listener
Joseph Price Artist & Composer

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