Mike Lesirge

Grammy-nominated producer

Mike Lesirge is a seasoned music producer, composer, and musician with over two decades of experience in directing, arranging, and performing on woodwinds and keyboards.

He has earned his stripes in the industry with several credits to his name, including work with Bonobo, Arlo Parks, Kelis, Quincy Jones, TLC, Erykah Badu, and many others. His talent for arranging horns and performing on three Grammy-nominated albums is a testament to his musical prowess.

Apart from producing and composing music for film, TV, radio, and advertising, Mike also specializes in bespoke compositions and writes for leading production music labels such as Sony BMG, EMI, Universal, Ninja Tune, Extreme Music, and Cavendish.

He has created original music for popular TV shows like Channel 4’s Highlife and recorded theme music for Sky TV. His production music has also been featured on major TV shows, including Family Guy, Good Morning America, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Saturday Night Live, and The Big Bang Theory, among others.

Enchanting live arrangements

In recent times, Mike has worked on bespoke campaigns for several major brands, including Stella Artois, Argos, and Zoopla. His work has also been featured in Sonic Minds’ audio logos. As a versatile musician, Mike is happy to work on a variety of styles and projects.

His experience working with electronic artists like Bonobo, Maribou State, and George FitzGerald means he is comfortable with sound design and composition projects that require electronic music production skills.

Mike’s experience in arranging for live instrumentation is also noteworthy, having worked with Chronixx, Arlo Parks, and Becky Hill to create strings and horn arrangements for their music. He is also well-versed in orchestral music programming and creation and has scored and recorded live strings, woodwinds, and brass. His expertise in writing and orchestrating parts for musicians in the studio makes him an excellent fit for projects that require live musical arrangements.

With a unique combination of skills that include playing woodwinds, brass, and keyboards, Mike is a rare talent in the world of music composition. His diverse skill set spans multiple genres, including sound design, electronic, alternative, classical, orchestral, and jazz. Mike is eager to work on as many projects as possible and leave his musical imprint on the world.

I’m a musician that plays woodwinds, brass and keyboards, so that’s a unique option to have as a composer!
Mike Lesirge Musician & Composer