Raffi Hayrapet

From Neuroscience to Sonic Mastery

Raffi Hayrapet, a former neuroscience grad turned audio branding enthusiast, discovered the power of sound as his voice early on. In his relentless exploration of what sound can achieve, he has seamlessly blended his passion for crafting music with an active pursuit of understanding its impact on learning and inner peace. Beyond the realms of music, Raffi is intrigued by the pivotal role of sound in solving real-world problems, whether it’s the design of electric car sounds (AVAS) or the subtle clicks of a smartphone.

His project preferences lean towards brands that align with his values, contributing something meaningful to the world. Quirky and unique endeavors that demand an innovative perspective are the ones that truly captivate him. A recent highlight in his portfolio includes composing music for Allonnia’s award-winning SAFF technology, designed to efficiently remove PFAS contaminants from water sources, showcasing his ability to convey cutting-edge concepts through music.

Inspired by Liminality

Describing his style as a fusion of folk with heavy electronic production, Raffi’s musical compositions are a reflection of his diverse influences, ranging from the ethereal to the avant-garde. While his current playlist leans towards music expressing “liminality,” artists like Dorian Concept and Ryoji Ikeda inspire his unique creative process. Despite a defined style, Raffi thrives on keeping things fresh, ensuring each project maintains an original touch without veering into pretentiousness.

Raffi also produces his own original music under the alias “Skin Picker”, which ranges from cinematic pieces to IDM.

Looking ahead, Raffi’s goal for the year revolves around the continued growth of his audio branding agency, Neuro Synth. His aspirations include collaborating with leading global brands and further developing a project aimed at helping people master language accents through music and sonification techniques. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of sound, Raffi Hayrapet remains dedicated to making a distinctive mark in the audio branding landscape.

Sound became my voice early on, and since then I have not stopped exploring what it can do for myself and for others. Crafting music hones my active listening skills, vital for learning and inner peace.
Raffi Hayrapet Producer & BSc

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