App Sound for AeroGuest

AeroGuest & Sonic Minds

The AeroGuest app functions as your ultimate companion when traveling which allows you to book directly, do mobile payments, choose your own room, skip the line, and much more. The company behind the app wanted to enhance AeroGuest’s UX with a confirmation sound played to confirm that the check-in process has successfully been completed.


App Interaction Sound

The AeroGuest confirmation sound, which is played in the app after check-in, has carefully been designed to reflect the feeling you get after arriving at the hotel room and the door closes behind you. The sound design has elements of soft tones and a melody that invites the user to relax the shoulders. Like the feeling you get right after you’ve just taken a deep breath.

Brand Music

We’ve also created a music piece to supplement AeroGuest’s new audio logo. If you listen carefully, you can hear how the logo is included in the brand track as a motif.


Words From AeroGuest

We have worked with Sonic Minds when developing our new interaction sound for our app. We acknowledge sound design as a critical element of our product’s UX and customer journey. We chose Sonic Minds, as we felt that they understood our needs and visions and shared our high ambitions. The process was a very lean and close collaboration between our team and Sonic Minds, and we are delighted with our sound and consultancy we got from Sonic Minds


Nikolai Kronborg, CCO, AeroGuest


If you are interested to hear more about our work with AeroGuest, don’t hesitate to reach out!