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Arla & Sonic Minds

As the world moves towards more audio-visual, interactive mediums and attention spans get shorter, Arla discovered a need to have an audio branding element as a consistent element that will work across all brand assets. They wanted to use music and sound’s unique ability to communicate in ways that words and images can’t – to create an emotionally intense expression of who Arla is.


In creating the sound and music DNA, we took inspiration from the breadth and richness of the Nordic landscape and the life and culture it has made possible for its inhabitants.

Audio Logo

Arla wanted to have an Audio Logo originating from a musical expression that intuitively reflects their brand essence. That’s how we discovered Kulning. 

The Arla Audio Logo is designed with two different expressions; masculine and feminine. The two versions have the same melody but with various percussion and harmonics underneath.


Listen and see if you can spot the difference

Music DNA

The Arla Audio Logo and Music DNA originate from the old Nordic music style called Kulning. The traditional singing style was used to call down sheep, goats, and cows from high mountain pastures where they have been grazing. The Swedish term “kulning” (pronounced “coolning”) is a contraction of the words “kuh” (cow) and “lock” (to call or coax).

Kulning is powerful and beautiful, considered by musicologists to be the essential sound of the Nordic folk music tradition.

A video was produced to introduce the new Audio Logo and its meaning to the whole organization.

Words From Arla

Sonic Minds were our partner in creating an audio identity for the Arla Brand. Sonic Minds are sound specialists, and for this medium of marketing, we felt that expertise was essential. They understood our vision and came to an understanding of the deep roots of our brand and company very fast. This was translated into different streams of sound, with one emerging very fast as both distinctive and aligned to our brand heritage and vision. After extensive testing across Europe, we ended up with an innovative audio identity that can become uniquely Arla. We have been very proud to see this roll out across Europe in such a quick time because of the belief our markets had in the process and the work.


Katie Reed, Vice President, Arla Brand Europe


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Arla Audio Identity Case

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