An Audio Logo for Danske Spil

Danske Spil & Sonic Minds

When the Danish gaming market was liberated from the international gaming companies, Danske Spil wanted an audio logo to be used as an end-board on all of their films, TVC, and radio.

By using sound, Danske Spil wanted to create recognition, trust, and coherency across all their communication channels and to create synergy between sub-brands and Danske Spil’s corporate brand.


Audio Identity

The Danske Spil Audio Identity contains many different but family-related sound signatures categorized at a corporate and product level.

The audio signatures’ purpose is to create synergy and coherence across channels and brands by designing them all in the key E major or E minor.

Audio Logo

Danske Spil’s Audio Logo has become one of the most well-known in Denmark. The logo is used for voice-prompts, on-hold music for the telephone, and the sub-brands Keno, Quick, and Oddset.

Words From Danske Spil

We really appreciate the collaboration with Sonic Minds, who has demonstrated an incredibly professional and competent approach to the task. In particular, Sonic Minds’ ability to coordinate and secure consensus among many different stakeholders must be emphasized, and their ability to understand and interpret Danske Spil’s strategies, values, ​​and products. Last but not least, creating a groundbreaking audio identity for Danske Spil and its many different brands has been incredibly exciting and inspiring together.


Klaus Lohse, Marketing Director, Danske Spil


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