An Audio Identity for Distrobird

Distrobird logo wide

The Challenge

Distrobird is an end-to-end engagement platform for every customer facing role within organizations, including sales, support and customer success.

When Distrobird came to Sonic Minds, they wanted an Audio Identity containing an audio logo, ringtones and UI sounds in order to strengthen their overall brand and UX, while also standing out from their competitors.

Their audio identity needed to reflect their companies core values, such as being reliable, relaxed and bringing a smile to their users.

One of the key ways Distrobird expresses these values is through their iconic mascot.

And every mascot needs a voice.


Audio Logo

The audio logo consists of a catchy and uplifting melody symbolising the Distrobird and its key attributes: Modern, Detail-oriented and Friendly.

Instrumentally, the logo uses the Distrobird Pluck instrument, supported by various organic and synthesized bird pecks, well as other characteristic sounds, which are inherited in the product sounds.

The Distrobird product sounds, ringtones and on-hold music are all based upon the master audio logo.

Listen to an example of the ringtones below.

Audio Design System

The Distrobird product sounds, ringtones and on-hold music are based upon the master audio logo. Some of the product sounds are reactive, giving the user feedback, while others are proactive, alerting the user to something, in varying degrees of importance.

The Distrobird ringtones aim to be the purest representation of Distrobird’s key attributes. Finally, the Distrobird on-hold music is presented in a more relaxed setting, with added instruments, including strings, woodwinds and piano. A second on-hold track has been created for users who are put through.

Distrobird background copy

Listen to some examples of other UI sounds below.

swing ball

Words From Distrobird

“We contacted Sonic Minds to help us overcome the challenge of having a unique sound and brand recognition in the world of sales engagement platforms. We wanted an audio identity, including an audio logo, music tracks, and sounds for our product, that evoked the same recognition as i.e. Skype, standing out from the rest of the industry. Working with Sonic Minds helped us explore new strategies for designing our brand and finding our tone of voice. The result was a smooth process, where Sonic Minds guided us through every step of the way, ensuring we were happy with the outcome, and delivering on our expectations of a state-of-the-art audio DNA. Based on their insights, we got a unique audio logo based on our name and visual logo, Distrobird, representing our three core audio values: modern, detail-oriented, and friendly. Sonic Minds also created ringtones, on-hold music, and communication sounds for our platform based on this master audio logo. We are very pleased with this solution and we give them our warmest recommendations.”


Edwin Elodimuor, CEO at Distrobird

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