App Sound Design for EatMyBill

EatMyBill & Sonic Minds

The company wanted to strengthen the new brand and user experience with a unique interaction sound that would make EatMyBill be remembered and recognized by customers.

So, to create a seamless user experience for the new app, we designed a sound that could evoke the emotion of satisfaction – like the feeling you get when you finally pay a bill that has been nagging your conscience for a bit too long.

Why Invest in Good Sound Design for Products Like EatMyBill Did?

Because your brand and product are not any better than the sound and music it exposes to the user.

Our interaction with apps is immensely growing and so is the amount of sounds that we are exposed to daily. To create a seamless user experience, the app’s interaction sounds must generate meaning and value; otherwise, it will be perceived as noise and, in the worst-case scenario, devaluate the brand and user experience.

Words From EatMyBill

We wanted to create a unique “completion” sound for our app. We know how vital a role sound is on the UX and wanted to create a sound that both stood out and could function as our audio logo. The collaboration with Sonic Minds is very professional, and we were impressed with the process and extremely satisfied with our new sound


Allan Sønderskov Darré, CEO and Founder, EatMyBill


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