An Audio Identity for Frontify

Frontify Audio Identity

Frontify & Sonic Minds

The people behind the Frontify platform reached out to us as they wanted to enter the domain of sound and create an audio strategy and identity to strengthen their brand. One main reason for this was due to Frontify’s increasing production of film and podcasts, and so, they needed sound to create coherence and synergy between their different media.

Sound & Music Toolbox

Frontify’s Sound & Music Toolbox consists of all their music and audio elements which together constitute their Audio Identity, including Music Brand Themes, an Audio Logo, and Podcast Music.

Podcast Music

Every once in a while, Frontify drops a new podcast episode, discussing various branding topics and intriguing stories with branding experts from across the world.

By creating music specially designed for this medium, we were able to draw a parallel between the podcasts and Frontify’s other communication channels.

Frontify Podcast
Frontify Podcast Music
Frontify Testimonial Sonic Minds

Words From Frontify

Teaming up with Sonic Minds has been a great opportunity to review our brand identity and explore new ways to express it. Karsten has introduced the world of sonic branding to us and has created a sonic style for the Frontify brand. The outcome, a set of appealing tracks and an audio logo, hasn’t only been only a valuable addition to our appearance; the project itself” has also given useful insight in the meaning of sound in brand management in general, which is important for further development of the Frontify Brand Management Platform. By Complementing text and visuals, audio has finally found the place it deserves in our brand – and product.


Willem Haen, Brand Director, Frontify


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