An Audio Identity for Nordea

Nordea & Sonic Minds

When Nordea was in the process of renewing its brand identity as part of a strategic re-positioning, they wanted to amplify the strategy with a distinct Audio Identity built around ‘The Nordea Pulse – the Heartbeat of the Brand’.


Audio Identity

The Audio Identity’s most important purpose was to strengthen Nordea’s recognition in all touchpoints, ensuring that no matter where you meet the brand, Nordea always sounds like one Bank – the Bank with a pulse.

Audio Logo

The Nordea Audio Logo was created to audibly represent the Nordea Brand – as a unique sound in its own right and to supplement The Nordea Pulse Logo animation.

We created an Audio Logo to act as Nordea’s core audible DNA from which all other audible impressions should reflect.

Nordea Brand Mood Music and the Sound & Music Toolbox

To support and enable Nordea to become the Bank with a Pulse through sound, we also created a range of music tracks called Nordea Brand Mood Music, all made readily available to the company via their Sound & Music Toolbox.

To create a higher audio recognition and to build on the same idea, we tied the pulse signature and the music moods together using the elements and rhythm from the pulse signature to create the music moods. So, as with the Nordea Pulse Sound, the music was created to reflect the brand’s heartbeat and deliver on Nordea’s promise: “Making engagement count”.

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