Søstrene Grene

The name “Søstrene” refers to the two hosts, sisters Anna and Clara, who are the faces of the company in all written narratives. Anna embodies creativity with her keen sense of aesthetics, while Clara is known for her practical and organized approach. Together, they curate the diverse experiences that Søstrene Grene consistently offers.

Sonic Minds created an audio profile of Søstrene Grene, rooted in classical music, particularly from the romantic and Baroque eras (1750-1850), while also embracing elements from impressionism and modern music. Baroque music, originating in Europe between 1600 and 1750, is characterized by its exuberance and joyfulness. Renowned composers of the Baroque period include Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Friedrich Händel, and Johann Sebastian Bach, who used their compositions to evoke specific emotions in listeners. Baroque music typically expresses one primary mood, known as an “affection.”

Many compositions from this era reflect qualities such as harmony, ease, elegance, femininity, beauty, and gracefulness, all of which align perfectly with the Søstrene Grene brand.

Listen to the music in Søstrene Grene’s brand film, below.

The Challenge

Søstrene Grene approached Sonic Minds to compose an enchanting music score for their brand film (made together with M2 Film), offering viewers a glimpse into Anna and Clara’s enchanting universe. Our team, alongside the esteemed Danish pianist Nikolaj Bentzon and other talented musicians, embarked on a creative journey to capture the essence of Søstrene Grene’s charm. Together, we crafted a mesmerizing melody that perfectly complements the film’s narrative, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a world of wonder and delight.

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The Solution

The music is carefully crafted to reflect their brand’s audio profile and core values, including Classical, Joyful & Elegant themes, played on Genuine Instruments, with an Ever Changing, Beautiful composition.

An original piece, it’s composed and performed by renowned Danish pianist Nikolaj Bentzon, alongside Christine Astrånd on violin and Therese Åstrand on cello. Their collaboration results in a cohesive, captivating melody that weaves through the film’s passages, seamlessly connecting scenes and enhancing the overall viewing experience.

As the brand film unfolds, our music score serves as the perfect complement, guiding viewers through Anna and Clara’s enchanting universe and leaving a lasting impression on all who immerse themselves in it.

Watch our behind-the-scenes film on crafting the soundtrack.

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