Audio Identity for Vestas

With a vision to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, everything Vestas does revolves around the development and deployment of sustainable energy solutions. Every day, 29,000 employees help to create a better world by designing, manufacturing, installing, developing, and servicing wind energy and hybrid projects all over the world.

The Ambition To Connect

Vestas had the ambition of being recognized globally by both customers and co-workers alike. The goal was to strengthen how the brand was experienced world-wide with the use of audio. Vestas wanted to enhance the sense of belonging and connection to Vestas as a brand among employees and foster a unified brand identity across all touchpoints.

To accomplish these ambitious goals, Vestas recognized the potential of incorporating audio elements strategically throughout its brand communication. Sound has the extraordinary ability to evoke emotions, trigger memories, and create lasting impressions. By harnessing the power of sound, Vestas sought to weave a cohesive sonic identity that would resonate with both employees and customers alike, leaving a lasting impression and fostering a deeper connection to the brand.

The overarching concept driving Vestas’ vision was encapsulated by the succinct phrase, “One Vestas, One Brand.” This motto reflected the company’s commitment to unifying its brand image, values, and experiences across all touchpoints, ensuring a consistent and coherent identity regardless of the geographical location or medium of interaction.

By leveraging the emotional impact of sound, the company aspired to create an immersive brand experience that not only resonated deeply with employees but also left an indelible mark on customers, solidifying Vestas’ position as a global leader in the renewable energy industry.


“The foundation of the Vestas audio logo revolved around the concept of converting wind into sustainable energy and the limitless possibilities it holds for the future.”

Seven Core Values

The initial step in developing the Vestas Sound Identity involved defining a distinct sound that would serve as the recognizable audio representation of the Vestas brand. This process entailed careful consideration of Vestas’ core values, brand essence, and target audience. By analyzing these factors, the sound identity was crafted to align with Vestas’ brand personality and resonate with its stakeholders.

We identified seven core values that the sound needed to embody, all centered around the idea of guiding humanity towards a more sustainable future and overall improvement.

  1. Vestas lets me in
  2. Concentrated openness
  3. Decisive embraces
  4. Clear strength
  5. Vestas takes me further
  6. Vestas makes possibilities real
  7. Vestas enables my succes

The foundation of the Vestas audio logo revolved around the concept of converting wind into sustainable energy and the limitless possibilities it holds for the future. At the core of this concept was the wind turbine, which serves as the catalyst for this transformation.

There were three specific sections we aimed to incorporate within the sound: “Wind Energy,” “The Wind Turbine,” and “Possibilities.” The “Wind Energy” section aimed to capture the essence of sound being drawn into the powerful and robust “Wind Turbine.” Following that, the “Possibilities” section unfolded with positive tones and harmonies to emphasize the optimistic future of sustainable energy.

To effectively convey all the core values of Vestas, we aimed to create a seamless progression between each of them throughout the audio logo, effectively narrating the story of harnessing untamed and chaotic energy and transforming it into controlled and sustainable power. The graph below illustrates how each value was assigned a specific place within the overall logo, ensuring that its meaning was communicated through sound.

Telling A Story With Sound

In our creative production process, we employed a diverse range of auditory techniques and solutions to effectively emphasize the distinct segments of the audio logo. By carefully crafting and manipulating various sound elements, we aimed to create an engaging and memorable sonic identity for our brand that also told a clear story throughout the audio logo.

Underneath we’ll go through each of the different section in the audio logo and highlight key techniques we used to tell their story and meaning.

1. Vestas lets me in:
To emphasize this value, we incorporated a rough synth layer into the start of the audio logo, symbolizing the untamed and chaotic energy. This layer carries a sense of initial openness, inviting the listener into the realm of Vestas and signaling the beginning of the brand experience.

2. Concentrated openness:
Here the opening continues and continuously becomes more full spectrum. Additionally, we incorporate reversed piano notes to heighten the sensation of unfolding, while also creating a connection to the forthcoming piano melodies in the composition.

3. Decisive embraces:
The opening unfolds into a resounding swell, resonating with immense strength reminiscent of energy being drawn into a turbine. This introduces a profound sense of low-end depth and warmth, akin to an embracing sensation.

4. Clear strength:
This swells ends up in a big transient hit in the middle of the audio logo, signaling strength and clarity and that the collection of energy has finished. We wanted to have a very memorable and dynamic feel to the logo and this element accomplished that objective.

5. Vestas takes me further:
After the transient hit, we introduced some delayed notes to give the feeling movement something that takes you further towards the next section of the logo.

6. Vestas makes possibilities real:
Making possibilities real is associated with the feeling of being uplifted, inspired and opening up to a world of new opportunities with the sustainable energy, so we captured that with a big and positive upwards swell. We reintroduced the melodic piano notes from the starting swell (this time not reversed) to create a pleasant melody, along with some chimes to highlight the magical new world that we are entering into.

7. Vestas enables my success:
In order to enhance the sense of individual success, we aimed to imbue the logo with a greater human essence. To accomplish this, we incorporated the use of acoustic strings in the last swelling section, adding a personal touch that resonates with our shared humanity.

Listen and see how it turned out here;



Vestas’ strategic integration of audio propelled its brand to new heights, amplifying its impact and reinforcing its commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The harmonious marriage of sound and purpose created an immersive brand experience that resonated with employees, customers, and stakeholders worldwide, positioning Vestas as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the global market.

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