Product Sounds for Volvo

Volvo, Delta Senselab & Sonic Minds

The sound design and acoustics of a car have steadily gained importance throughout the industry, and the biggest car brands are increasingly recognizing the need to put more attention and focus into such. Volvo was no exception.

They reached out to us as they wanted to create a premium sound design experience by having all the interaction and information in their cars to substantiate the interior’s feeling and quality.

Design of Alert and Warning Sounds

Together with the client, we did a study and vehicle research on Volvo’s competitors and their current sound design. It resulted in the creation of alert and warning sounds, all reflecting luxury, and Scandinavian design to match the cars’ new interior of leather and cedarwood.

Delta Senslab

All the sounds were carefully tested together with our audio testing partner, Delta Senselab, for an alert level suitable for a defined function, annoyance, safety, comfort, friendliness, and perceived loudness.

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