How to Use Audio & Music to Create More Affective Communication

How to use audio & music to create more affective communication

The Power of Meaningful Audio UX

Looking at the Interbrand top 20 strongest brands in the world from 2019, 50% have an audio logo, an increasing tendency over the last couple of years. Why? Because it works and creates more brand value. Increasingly more brands are becoming aware of the value and importance of the auditory component of their marketing communication because, no matter what your activities are, your brand is making sound. And if you are not giving it the attention it deserves, you are probably shooting yourself in the foot. We see, choose, and evaluate brands and products as much with our ears as we do with our eyes.


Audio Branding – Things to Consider

It can be challenging to grasp how and where to start if you want to work more intentionally with sound and music and strengthen your customer journey experience with audio. Below is a brief guide on how to strategically use sound and music in your brand communication.


  1. Create an overview of all your brand touchpoints using audio. Map your audio customer journey experience and then identify which brand touchpoint is the most important.
  2. Start asking why. Why are we using music here? What function should it have? What emotional feeling do we want to leave the listener at this stage? If the audio or music doesn’t create more value, then remove it!
  3. Designate a person in your organization as an audio brand manager. Communicate that internally, and make him or her the go-to-person for all sound use in the organization.
  4. Work with professional audio partners. Find a skilled audio branding company that can help you create and produce your audio identity along with implementation and ongoing consultancy and maintenance.
  5. Just like your corporate visual identity, make all your audio assets available on-line so stakeholders and collaborating partners can access your audio assets easily, along with guidelines and templates for easy usage.
  6. Ensure you hold all music rights or, if you work with a band or buy music, check the total cost of ownership and its fees to use the musical expression over time or in your campaign.