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Building and maintaining your sonic brand appearance

Your brand serves as the defining essence that sets you apart within your industry, containing unique aspects and values that inspire customers to make purchases, employees to align with your organisation, and the wider public to remember you.

In an ever-more competitive business environment, the activation and reinforcement of your brand in consumers’ minds have become increasingly vital.


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Streamlining content distribution in large organizations can be complex, but it’s made easy with readily accessible audio assets, ensuring brand consistency and faster market entry.

Our Implementation Advisory enables universal access and utilization of brand audio assets, making it simple for all employees to create high-quality marketing materials. This empowers your communication, ensures on-brand audio asset usage, and enhances brand equity.

Music Supervision

We specialize in providing expert music supervision services, ensuring that your brand’s sonic identity remains consistent and harmonious across all touchpoints. In today’s fast-paced environment, we recognize the need for swift and efficient guidance, and we are committed to delivering just that.

Our team meticulously curates and supervises the music used in your branding, guaranteeing that it aligns seamlessly with your brand’s image and values. We also take responsibility for safeguarding all of your brand assets, ensuring that they are readily available and maintained at their highest quality, so your brand’s sonic appearance is always in tune with your vision, even in the most dynamic of environments.

In this video our clients from ASUS highlights their strong commitment to audio branding and the ongoing efforts that they, and we invest in maintaining and improving their sound quality to enhance the overall user experience.

Make it last

We offer ongoing supervision to enhance and fortify your brand. It includes access to a secure online platform where all your brand assets and guidelines are organised, allowing for effortless retrieval and improved searchability. Furthermore, we provide continuous support in creating and managing new audio guidelines, complete with detailed descriptions of any newly introduced brand assets.

Our team is committed to offering ongoing technical support regarding Audio Identity and effective usage of both original and stock music. With us, you can rest assured of accurate and on-brand audio usage across your chosen brand touchpoints. Convenient access to approved brand content is made possible through our Digital Asset Management platform.

By utilising our Implementation Advisory, you can elevate your brand equity and ensure a more powerful and lasting presence in your market.

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“…  with the growing pains of sonic branding, we now get vital help and the foundation, support, and tools needed to continue growing and finish our projects on time and set us up for success in the future.”

– Clinton Marrs,
Brand Designer, ASUS

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