An Audio Identity for DSB

DSB & Sonic Minds

In 1984, the renowned Danish composer, Niels-Viggo Bentzon, created DSB’s iconic audio motif to be used as a call sound in the IC3 trains. The audio mark has become synonymous with the company and the Danes’ train rides, but many railways have changed since then, and time had come for DSB to use sound and music more strategically in all customer touchpoints. 

Together with DSB’s team of marketers, we have created a complete audio identity centered around the iconic audio mark to generate a greater coherence between music and audio logo in their soundscape and across channels. 

Redesign of Audio Logo

We have modernized DSB’s iconic audio logo, creating two slightly different designs; one to be used in the trains and one for digital channels. The new tones are now played in unison and by several instruments – bass, cello, and strings – to create a warmer sound design while still keeping Bentzon’s recognizable notes of D Eb and Bb. Listen to the tracks below and see if you can distinguish between DSB’s train call since 1984 and the new one.

Brand Tracks

Based on DSB’s core values, vision, and strategy, three music compositions have been created to reflect and express the brand in different ways. Common for them all is the unique audio logo that has been integrated into the music. In that way, we have created a strong coherence between the brand tracks and audio logo so DSB can transfer the strong degree of recognisability from the logo into the new audio identity.


Sound & Music Toolbox

All of DSB’s new sound and music assets have been collected in a Music Toolbox that allows for efficient and easy use of on-brand elements. The toolbox also contains ringtones, On-Hold music, and various interaction sounds for their app – all of which can be adapted to DSB’s different brand touchpoints and communication needs.

Tik-Tok 2022

In 2022, DSB launched a Tik-Tok campaign, where we produced 3 different styles of music together with our vendor Dave Reynaud.

Expanding on DSB’s versatile audio identity

The versatility of the DSB audio identity allows it to be expressed across various musical genres and instrumentations. This adaptability is showcased in DSB’s latest film, “Rejs Grønnere. Rejs Sammen,” where we employed a delightful blend of guitar and piano in a swing style. The aim was to create a heartwarming, relatable and charming musical track that captures the desired emotion.

In this composition, we incorporated the DSB audio logo in a multitude of ways. Not only did we reference their signature notes (D, Eb, and Bb) in the music, but we also integrated actual sounds from train announcements and app notifications into the music. By blending these components, we effectively amplified and honored the distinctive identity of DSB.

Take a listen below.

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