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When you are ready to begin building your audio brand, the single best place to start is with your Audio Logo. It has become essential for companies around the world and constitutes the core element of an Audio Identity.

If used carefully and adequately across brand touchpoints, the Audio Logo converges into a brand symbol that carries associations, shapes the brand image, and functions as a unique, memorable link to your brand. These few seconds of sound have the power to reach an audience whether they’re looking or not, leaving an impression in ways visuals cannot.

To successfully achieve this, Audio Logos, as brand elements, must be memorable, likable, transferable, and adaptable in the mind of the consumer to contribute to building brand equity.

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You’re probably familiar with the Audio Logo behind this brand. When we hear the sound of a strong Audio Logo that we know quite well, our brains respond without us even realizing it. The iconic McDonald’s sound is just one of many great examples.

Mcdonald soud logo

The Audio Logo

To put it simply, an Audio Logo is a short audio asset that reflects a brand in a short melodic phrase, melody, or sound.

It usually consists of a series of musical notes that in unison form the brand’s audio DNA. The Audio Logo is the foundation for the brand’s Audio Identity, and as such, it can be reinterpreted to suit a specific genre, mood or region, etc. The logo can be reshaped and be made to serve in a great variety of contexts.

Listen to these Audio Logos and see if you can guess some of our former clients.

Finding your unique audio DNA

Audio logos are the sounds instantaneously associated with a brand, and so, the process of creating one is paramount. We ensure to always hit the mark the first time around. Refined over the years, Sonic Minds have a proven process to find your unique audio DNA. With the Audio Concept & Strategy, we design the Audio Logo to match and fit your brand, values, and brand touchpoints to create brand recall.

We always strive to take it a step further than just simple brand recognition, enhancing the Audio Logo to operate in a broader spectrum. It can be reshaped as a full-length track that will wind up listeners’ regular playlists or recreated as functional sounds used when customers purchase something from the brand’s app. The Audio Logo can be used in many ways, but it should always be part of the overall brand sound. It should make consumers feel part of a whole, no matter whether they watch a branded video on YouTube, open the brand’s app on their phone, or visit a physical store.

In the Sound & Music Toolbox, we store your Audio Logo together with other audio and music assets which enables easy and quick use of your whole Audio Landscape, creating consistency across media and brand touchpoints. The Toolbox can get extended with new music pieces and elements as the need grows, and so, it offers you a framework to build a sustainable archive of audible brand assets centered around the Audio Logo.


Working with Arla: Creating an Audio Logo with a historical element

Arla came to us, wanting to use music and sound to create an emotionally intense expression of who they were, and they wanted a unique Audio Logo reflecting just that.

So together with Arla, we sat out to find their unique DNA that would form the basis for their new Audio Logo. Perhaps you already heard it. But do you know the story behind it?

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