About Sonic Minds

We Empower Brands by Sound & Music

Founded in 2004 by Karsten Kjems, Sonic Minds is an agency specialized in audio identities, sound design, custom-made music production, and audio branding for businesses. Over the years, we have developed a unique process and online tools to convert brand image, vision, and values into meaningful audio and music experiences. Our solutions are founded on a strategic framework, securing consistent, brand empowering, and emotionally engaging audible user experiences across all brand touchpoints.

Karsten, Founder & CEO

Karsten is a passionate sound designer, audio branding evangelist, professional jazz-drummer with 20+ years of international experience, dedicated to creating more meaningful and relevant communication and customer journeys through sound and music. He believe in less noise, always striving to create more awareness about the value of silence and the power of strategic sound and music for brands and products.

“Through meditation and music, I seek wisdom to pursue emotional richness and presence in my everyday life. I’m attracted to finding honest, passionate people, companies, and brands that dare to grow”

The Team

Sonic Minds’ core team is based in Copenhagen, We believe we make the best solution for our clients if we handpick the specialized resources needed for each project. Our approved vendor network is spread across countries in Europe, the US, and Asia, providing us with the best-in-class musical skills and expertise.

We believe that we make the best solutions for our clients if we handpick specialized resources needed for each project.

All our clients want the best solution for a competitive price and demand the best resources for the job. To deliver the best solution, we select and set up an A-Team of the best resources needed for your specific task. That way, you always get the best audio team to create the unique sound and solution you need.

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Our Philosophy


When we break the silence, it has to create more meaning than the silence itself. Otherwise, we’re just creating noise. We strive to create awareness about the value of silence and the power of music and sound design in the pursuit of creating more engaging and relevant audible experiences.




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