About Sonic Minds

Music is one of the most potent tools to create, alter, and change our emotional state and make us feel good. We are all attracted to music, sound designed products, spaces, brands, bands, and communication that sounds good and moves us emotionally. Meaningful sound and good music experiences just make us feel better. We strive to create a more harmonious world with useful, value-adding audible user experiences on all relevant platforms and channels to improves the quality of our lives and make the world a better place.


What We Do

Sonic Minds activates brands by using music and audio meaningful in all brand touchpoints and channels to create emotionally engaging communication. We help brands and brand managers in:

  • On-brand, emotionally engaging, and cost-effective use of sound and music in all brand touchpoints
  • Consistent and meaningful use of sound and music in all relevant brand touchpoints and products
  • Strengthening brand reputation and recognition through sound and music
  • Implementation and management of audio assets executed across all platforms and channels


How We Do It

We have a unique process and online development tool to convert brand image, vision, and values into meaningful audio and music experiences. Our solutions are founded on a strategic framework, securing consistent, brand empowering, and emotionally engaging audible user experiences across all brand touchpoints.


Who We Are

Founded in 2004 by Karsten Kjems, Sonic Minds is an agency specialized in Sound Design, Music Production, Audio Branding, Audio Identities and concepts, and tailor-made music production and sound design. Our network of specialized musicians, sound designers, mastering engineers, and high-end studios ensures that you always get the best-qualified resources for your solution.

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