Product Sounds for Soundcore by Anker

Soundcore by Anker & Sonic Minds

In 2018, Anker, a global leader in charging and consumer electronics, unified all of its popular audio products under the new Soundcore by Anker. In line with the launch of the new brand, they wanted a robust Audio Identity containing a unique Audio Logo and premium User Interaction Sound Design for all their products.

They wanted to strategically use sound and music in their branding to create a more premium audio experience and create emotionally engaging and consistent communication.

User Interaction Sound Design

We ended up designing User Interaction Sounds for all Soundcore’s products consisting of headphones, active Bluetooth speakers, and in-ear buds.

UI sounds in products are a critical factor for brand perception, and so, it was essential that the interaction sounds (on, off, volume up, volume down, etc.) reflected the quality of Soundcore’s audible products and their overall brand.

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