Audio Production

Do you know the value of great sound and music ?

Audio production is the art and science of sound recording, editing, and mixing. It can consist of many different projects like films, music, video games, TV advertisements, corporate videos, podcasts, and more.

Flexible Consistency

At the core of our workflow we have our iterative process. We believe that the best possible outcome comes from close collaboration with the client. Through weekly meetings, we iterate upon ideas, discuss the results and align on which direction to proceed. This helps ensure that the client is part of the process and that their opinions are what takes priority throughout. That is also why we require the same key stakeholders from the client to attend these meetings during the iterations, to keep the process as streamlined as possible, limiting the need for external opinions or approval as much as possible.

Based on the workshop, we choose the best vendor(s) for the project. The vendor choice is based on stylistic approach, sound, culture/nationality (if applicable) and overall fit with the brand.

Throughout each meeting we will vote on the sounds using our interactive voting system. Each sound will be judged in relation to brand fit and it’s completely anonymous. We do this voting to make sure that everyone in the meeting gets their opinion heard, whilst trying to stay as objective as possible – not asking about personal opinion, but opinion in relation to the brand.

Alongside the voting system, we also present spiderwebs based on our own expertise, and AI-tagging based on objective listening to the sound in question. This ensures that you get both export ears to evaluate the audio, but also completely unbiased opinions from the AI, to give a more nuanced look into how the sound will be experienced.

The Sound & Music Toolbox

Together with our Vendor Network of musicians, sound designers, mastering engineers and high-end studios, we produce the audio assets needed to build your Audio Identity. These will then be handed over to you through the Sound & Music Toolbox.

Our flexible toolbox format ensures that you get the maximum amount of usage out of a piece of brand music. Alongside the full music piece itself, you will also get different editions of varying lengths (ex. 10, 20, 45 seconds) These editions will be delivered in various energy level.

The Sound & Music Toolbox consists of custom-made music or sound pieces, adapted to your brand touchpoints and communication needs: All of which are created to match your brand’s desired expression and appearance based on the concept and strategy.

The Toolbox can be extended with new music pieces and elements as the need grows, and so, it offers you a framework to build a sustainable archive of audible brand assets with time.

The Sound & Music Toolbox gets you:

  • Flexible, custom-made music reflecting your brand image
  • Easy and quick use of on-brand music
  • Consistency across media and brand touchpoints
  • Synergy and cost-effective use of music

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