Audio Testing

Judging the success of Audio Branding through testing

Audio testing can be done in many ways depending on your needs and goals such as surveys and focus groups to gather data and provide insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your audio branding.

Through combining our proven process with audio testing, we can ensure:

  • Qualitative data evaluation, securing data-based decisions instead of only personal taste
  • On-brand music and sound design aligned to brand values
  • Possibility for quantitatively testing in different markets and segments

After having defined an Audio Strategy & Concept, which is the preliminary step for building your audio identity, we create concepts that explore the various sides of your brand, which can be used for testing purposes.

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Together with our testing partners Veritonic and SoundOut, we deliver efficient testing of your audio output, whether it be an audio logo, commercial or voice-over.


Appeal and Recall:
The most common form of test results will be based around the appeal and recallability of a specific audio asset. Appeal is how much a certain target audience finds it appealing, and recall is their ability to memorize the audio asset while also being able to associate it with the correct brand. It is even possible to test how quickly a brand is being recognized after hearing a sound.

Key Attributes:
There are various ways to test the key attributes that panelists associate with a given audio asset. Typically, panelists may indicate the extent to which they believe the asset is associated with a particular attribute or simply state whether they consider the asset to be “Innovative,” for instance.

Purchase Intent:
A panelist in the target market is asked about the likelihood to purchase from a brand before they hear the ad and then again after hearing the ad. From this, the purchase of intent can be calculated. In addition to this, a test can be made for measuring the increase in purchase intent by comparing the responses of people who have heard the ad versus those who have not.

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Pre-Market Testing:
Pre-market testing refers to the process of evaluating a product or service before it is officially launched in the market. This type of testing is essential to ensure that the product or service is effective, resonates with the audience and meets the necessary requirements.

Mid-testing is done during production of the audio assets. This type of testing is done to ensure that we are heading in the right direction and validate certain assumption about consumer response.

Post-Market Testing:
Post-market testing is performed when a campaign has finished. This type of testing is important because it allows companies to gather feedback from customers and identify any issues that may have been missed during pre-market testing or during production.

Based on our findings from the tests, we continue developing on the sounds that are guaranteed to resonate with your target audience in the audio production phase.

“Working with Sonic Minds was a pleasure. Karsten and his team gently guided us through the sonic brand process. They took the time to help us grapple with the growing pains of sonic branding and addressed each of our concerns along the way. Their workshops were vital in helping us understand who we are as a brand through sound. Together we developed our sonic DNA into a comprehensive sonic brand, with the foundation, support, and tools needed to continue growing. Sonic Mind’s expertise, clear communication, and flexibility allowed us to finish our project on time and set us up for success in the future. “
Clinton Marrs Brand Designer and Digital Marketing Specialist, ASUS

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