Product Sound for Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems and Sonic Minds

Cardo Systems contacted us as they wanted a more engaging audio UX for their Cardo communicator products. Not only should the design strengthen their products’ user experience, but above all else, the sound should reflect Cardo System’s brand, values, and mission: Making Your Ride Exceptional.

Start-Up Sound Design

Together with the client, we designed an Audio DNA for Cardo Systems and a new start-up sound for their products.

Audio Logo

Listen to the Audio Logo we designed for Cardo Systems in the video below.

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Words From Cardo Systems

We couldn’t be happier with our new sound signature, which reflects our brand’s pillars and values. The process of crafting the sound was highly professional and we recommend every brand to include a sound signature into their brand guidelines.


Boaz Giller, Digital Marketing Manager, Cardo Systems