Edoardo Bombace

Global musician

Edoardo Bombace, an Italian musician and composer, has been based in London, UK since 2016. At the tender age of nine, Edoardo began his journey in music, studying solfeggio and music theory, and eventually taking up the bass guitar a few years later. With intensive studies that include diplomas and a degree in Jazz, Edoardo started playing as a session bass and double bass player professionally, covering various styles and performing for various bands.

In 2020, Edoardo started composing in the library music world, which led to his music being used worldwide on a daily basis. From 2021, he started working on bespoke projects, ads, TV, and sonic branding, and he relishes the process of composition and production, as the end product helps communicate the message of the brand.

Committed to quality

Edoardo’s primary goal is to create unique and memorable pieces that evoke and enhance emotion in the listener. He is always open to working on projects that allow him to be creative and express himself through music, while also challenging him to grow and develop his skills as a composer and musician. His relationship with music is a never-ending study path, and he keeps studying on a daily basis.

With his versatility in covering various genres and immersing himself in the local music scene, Edoardo has had the pleasure of collaborating with many talented musicians. He believes that the blend and influences of different styles helped him expand his music knowledge even further.

Apart from composing and performing music, Edoardo also has experience working in sound design, creating unique and impactful sonic branding for brands and businesses. He is committed to providing high-quality compositions that meet his clients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Embracing Authenticity

After years of deep music studies, Edoardo has developed a deep understanding of the theory and mechanisms behind any piece of music, allowing him to add his own unique voice to any project. He believes that every human being is inherently unique, and it has taken him a while to realize that the more we embrace and express our true selves, the more authentic and real our creations become. This philosophy has influenced his style, and he strives to create music that is genuine while also exploring different sounds and techniques to push the boundaries of traditional music.

Edoardo’s goal for this year is to continue to grow as a composer and musician and to expand his portfolio of bespoke projects. He is always seeking new opportunities to collaborate with clients and bring their creative visions to life through music. Additionally, he wants to continue to build his network of industry contacts and seek out new opportunities to showcase his work. He wants to keep honing his craft and create music that not only reflects his unique voice but also helps his clients achieve their creative vision.

It has taken me a while to realize that the more we embrace and express our true selves, the more authentic and real our creations become.
Edoardo Bombace Sound Composer

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